Zeon Solutions Milwaukee, WI

A growing e-commerce web development company, Zeon Solutions was looking to expand their Milwaukee offices with an additional 7,363 square foot raw, unfinished concrete-columned space. Creative achieved the project goals of creating a space with bright open offices for collaborative workstations, more meeting areas, private offices and a break area that reflects the energetic and creative corporate culture. Creative succeeded in meeting the project goal with a small construction budget and a very tight timeframe.

The plan for the space embraced the natural light by aligning the private offices along the south window wall and incorporating glass walls along their fa├žade. The new kitchen/lounge area was planned as the friendly and welcoming entry accessible to both employees and visitors. To address the diverse work styles of the staff, flexibility and openness were the key drivers in space planning.

With the abundance of light and energizing color palette, Zeon Solutions has a new space that reflects who they are as they continue growing.