Design / Build

With a single point of responsibility, you get a high quality end result. Creative Business Interiors streamlines project delivery through a single contract, transforming the relationship between designer and builder into an alliance which fosters teamwork.

Our Design/Build process offers great opportunity for innovation through collaboration. Our account executive and interior designers consult and work directly with our construction project manager and your designated team throughout the design process; pursuing an efficient, cost effective design solution. Additionally, the Creative Business Interiors team includes a furniture project manager who works closely with your IT professional to ensure your space will support the ultimate furniture solution.

Creative controls the quality of the finished result by staffing your project with our own employees. LEED Accredited licensed interior designers and construction project managers, painting project managers, furniture project managers and the related field personnel including carpenters, laborers, painters and furniture installers are all direct employees of Creative. Our field people are highly experienced at working in client occupied spaces and are skilled in all aspects of your project.

The Design/Build process is highly adaptive and responsive in the field. When challenges are encountered, we all work together to come up with solutions. You have the opportunity to make the decisions, ask questions, and consider options throughout the entire process of the project. Open and honest communication is key. We will guide you to the best possible outcome balancing budget, timeline and aesthetics.

There are many benefits of working with one company in a Design/Build mode for your interior renovation. Among others, benefits include agile problem solving, streamlined communication and pride in workmanship. For example, when painters follow carpenters from the same company, you get a seamless drywall finish.

Design/Build is a single-source responsibility. At Creative Business Interiors, our goal is a timely end result that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. We truly are experts at work.

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