Creative offered furniture solutions to Wisconsin-based shoe designer and manufacturer Weyco as they sought a space to reflect their growing brands and creative minds. Weyco recently renovated their 17,000 square foot space, creating more work areas, conference rooms, and a break room. The Creative team worked to fill their new space with updated furnishings on an expedited schedule in this occupied remodel.

Utilizing neutral colors and wood grains, Weyco’s space became an excellent backdrop to showcase their unique products. Furnishing tables, chairs and ottomans from popular manufacturers, our team helped define Weyco’s aesthetic throughout the facility. Every fabric and furnishing was carefully curated to perfectly suit the space and communicate their brand image.

Weyco implements a thorough, comprehensive design and prototyping process when creating their shoes. This process requires workspaces that facilitate movement of people, paper, and objects. Creative offered the perfect solution: Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted Creative Walls. Rockwell Unscripted is a collection of freestanding frames and magnetic whiteboard walls that create partitioned workspaces. To accompany the modular walls, our team sourced custom magnetic shelves that can be moved and removed as prototypes progress through the design process. The customizability of this space perfectly suits Weyco’s collaborative workflow and forward-thinking design.