Taureau Group

When Taureau Group needed to relocate their headquarters to accommodate their growing client base, Creative started with looking at the big picture. By identifying long-term goals in growth and brand development, we defined space needs and curated furnishings for the new facility.

As a full-service investment banking practice for privately held, middle-market companies, Taureau needed space to facilitate their unique capabilities and strengthen relationships between their team and clients. In their new office in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward, Creative furnished private offices, workstations, and conference rooms. Each private office features ergonomic, height-adjustable desks that suit employee work needs while maintaining a modern aesthetics. By mixing woodgrains with solid neutral finishes, Creative captured the sophistication within the Taureau brand.

Perhaps the most unique feature in this office relocation is the painted glass tabletop that lives in their new conference room. This table is accompanied by two suspended ceiling fixtures, creating a contemporary and professional atmosphere. By using their new workplace as an extension of their brand, Taureau offers a memorable experience for clients that strengthens their relationship with them.