Baird – Milwaukee HQ

Robert W. Baird is a multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. Headquartered in Milwaukee, the firm occupies 14 floors in the city’s high-rise US Bank Center.

Since 2013, Baird has been renovating each floor to accommodate their growing workforce by shrinking private office size in favor of more collaborative and heads-down spaces. Early in this 6-year project, Creative provided comprehensive furniture solutions for the building’s 14th floor, as well as furnishings for workspaces on the 17th and 19th floors.

In an effort to reimagine the way their people work, Baird leaders wanted to move away from a traditional office layout to one that fosters forward thinking and a collaborative culture. Work on the 14th floor involves Baird employees putting in long hours, so Creative provided furniture options that nurture the wellbeing of those employees. Natural light floods into the 14th floor, and each workstation, private office, and collaborative space features comfortable seating. Modern lines and warm wood tones were contrasted with pops of vibrant color to infuse energy into workspaces.

Creative also furnished the floor’s kitchen, lounge area, and community space—complete with a foosball table, ping pong table, and shuffleboard court. These spaces encourage recreation, socialization, and relaxation, developing a rich workplace culture.