Rauwerdink Dental West Bend, WI

When the staff at Rauwerdink Dental was building its new facility, they knew one thing for certain: they wanted a look that was unique, warm and comfortable – and not at all institutional. Creative stepped in to provide the private dental clinic with the personalized atmosphere it desired. By combining contemporary designs with warm tones on walls, floors and fabrics, our designers created an inviting space that was both interesting and soothing.

To achieve this look, creamy yellows and shades of black were introduced: fabrics combined deep gold tones with geometric black and grey patterns. The warm-yet-contemporary effect was exactly what the staff was looking for, and clients rave about the look and feel of their clinic.

This project involved interior finishes, artwork and furniture for the entire facility: lobby, reception area, private offices, operating/exam rooms, laboratory, lunch room, common space corridors and restrooms.