Dean Health System – Customer Contact Center Madison, WI

When Dean Health System decided to move its Customer Contact Center into a new building on its campus, they called on Creative to provide the same level of quality they have known for more than a decade.

A Creative client since 1996, Dean was interested in the concept of the “120-workstation” plan for its new facility. This configuration, in which the workstation is situated in a 120-degree module, promised to work well with their existing product and meet the unique needs of a call center.

The exciting aspect of this project was that Creative not only accommodated the functional needs of the call center, it created an entirely new plan and a cultural shift that has been favorably received. The new workstations feature significantly lower panel heights and the elimination of overhead storage compartments, both of which are key to providing necessary visibility among supervisors and call center reps. In addition, supervisors’ workstations were placed at the end of each pod of representatives, providing increased accessibility and improved workflow and processes. Creative worked closely with Potter Lawson Architects, serving as furniture consultants and lending their ideas and expertise on all furniture layouts and finishes.