Agrace Age at Home

Long time Creative client Agrace is embracing a clear trend in their hospice care services: their mobile care program, Age At Home, is growing in popularity. This change in business has driven Agrace to transform their physical office space to better accommodate mobile workers. Creative designed, built, and furnished new spaces within the existing Madison facility to meet new workspace requirements.

To initiate the design process, Agrace staff completed space use surveys implemented by the Creative team. The survey helped define project objectives and workplace needs. Additional meeting areas, phone rooms, and collaboration spaces were deemed necessary in facilitating the work of mobile employees. Staff flexibility and choice of work area are supported with these new spaces, allowing employees to control how they work throughout the day.

Creative demolished interior walls and worked with existing architecture to accommodate the updated floorplan. Working alongside Agrace’s marketing team, phone rooms and collaborative spaces were furnished and designed with playful, fun themes.

Each workspace has functional solutions such as whiteboards, high work tables, integrated technology, and comfortable lounge furniture for individual or group work. These flexible work areas support the company’s growing Age At Home program and will continue to facilitate the productivity and wellbeing of mobile caregivers.