Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research Madison, WI

Located in the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) was established to make advancements in medical research through an interdisciplinary approach specializing in cancer research. For the first of its three towers (the latter two are currently being funded), Creative provided furniture for 120 private offices.

The unique aspect of this project was the highly efficient layout and specification of the furniture. The product specified was Knoll Reff, which is modular freestanding wood furniture that also has complementing storage units.

The Facility Manager/Interior Designer for the Medical School knew her clients would be inclined to reconfigure their spaces frequently so she utilized a very concise kit of components to create the private offices. All offices were specified, ordered and installed to be reconfigured easily according to the preferences of each individual office occupant. The kit of parts will allow for very little inventory of product after such reconfigures occur, and will minimize the ordering of new parts.