UW Microbial Madison, WI

Creative Business Interiors was contracted to provide furnishings for general seating areas and office spaces within the UW Microbial Building.

Plunkett Raysich Architects and Creative Business Interiors collaborated to carefully select the right furnishings for this unique space. Harter Forum benches and Knoll Ricchio chairs are placed in all of the private offices. Egan Visual and Platinum Visual marker boards and track boards are utilized in various offices and placed throughout the corridors. Bernhardt lounge chairs, covered in Knoll fabric, enhance the modern atmosphere of the general areas by adding bold color interest; while the linear pattern highlights the panels of glass and structure of the space.

The Knoll Studio Maya Linn tables, placed in the general seating areas, complement the tone in the glass panels throughout the day. The color of the tables, plus the shape, equal the perfect balance of form and function giving UW Microbial a great solution to a working space for their staff.


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