Community Involvement Initiative: Winter Carnival

If you haven’t heard, Creative Business Interiors formed a committee for our Community Involvement initiate. Affectionately called Creative Impact. This past week Creative team members raised money for the individuals participating in the polar plunge on Feb 25th.

Nothing draws a crowd better than food and games…and we threw in some extra special incentives like a free PTO day.

Our winter carnival was a great success. If you’re thinking about ways to incorporate charitable fundraising with your team, take a note from our book. Below are a few of the evenings highlights.


Carnival themed snacks and games benefiting the Special Olympics

You can’t go wrong with Games, Snack, and Beverages


Carnival Game Line Up

Things Get “A Bit Dicey”
Second Game of the Evening at the Winter Carnival Benefiting the Special Olympics

Who can stack the 6 dice first in this game of “A Bit Dicey”?


A tricky game of “Cookie Face” has us wearing our game faces…

Place a cookie on your forehead use only your face to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth!


Let’s “Have a Ball”

Unwrap the ball as fast as you can while the person to your left keeps rolling the dice until they get a six.



We Have Some Winners On Our Hands



Stay tuned for the plunge on Feb 25th at the Milwaukee Zoo!