Plants and greenery seem to be trending: millennials love them, companies are being built around them and you can’t scroll through a design portfolio without spotting at least a few. As it turns out, they may live up to the hype.

There are many impressive side effects of keeping plants around the spaces you spend the most time in – namely, the office. Whether you bring an assortment of plants to place throughout your workplace, or create a sanctuary of green space for employees to enjoy, there are numerous benefits – and it doesn’t just have to do with how beautiful an indoor garden can look!

Ready to incorporate plants into your workplace? Here are four reasons you should invest in them:

Improve Mood

Turns out, plants make people happy! Keeping plants in the workplace have been found to boost the mood of employees who spend time near them. One study in Australia, Greening the Great Indoors for Human Health and Wellbeing,  found that people who spend time in a room with a plant rate themselves as more confident and energized compared to those who spend time in spaces without plants. We consider that an easy win.

Reduce Stress

If improving your mood isn’t enough, plants also help combat stress. According to the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, people don’t even have to pay attention to the plants to get their positive influence: being surrounded by interior plants, like images of nature, can produce a calming response. Isn’t that reason enough to get a plant for every room in your workplace?

Better Concentration and Memory

Everyone has experienced the midday slump, where you’re starting to feel the weight of the day and it’s tough to focus. Did you know plants can help fight this? According to one Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, going outside or being surrounded by plants can increase memory retention by up to 20 percent! Even better, the work completed around plants is of higher quality and accuracy.

Increase Productivity

Plants can also be a great enhancement to your overall productivity, as having them in the workplace has been found to increase productivity by 15% as well as increase workplace satisfaction. Fatigue is often a concern for employees working long hours, so it’s interesting to note that plants being present reduce fatigue by 30%.


Now that you’ve heard the benefits, you may be wondering the best way to incorporate plants or green spaces into your workplace. One popular option is creating a green wall, which can be used to make a beautiful statement in lobbies, kitchen areas, or common spaces. Succulents are another low-maintenance option that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They don’t require much care, so whether you place them around your space or create a garden filled with a variety of them, you won’t feel overwhelmed with the commitment to their care.

When seeking other plants to use in your office environment, be sure to consider the lighting and humidity conditions each plant thrives in. Because offices are often cooler and darker, plants such as philodendrons, peace lilies, snake plants and pothos make wonderful options.