You won’t Believe the Results

Centro Hispano is the latest recipient of a Design for a Difference facility makeover from FLOOR360. Dozens of area interior design partners – normally rivals – came together for this unbelievable transformation. Design, planning, and execution of the project took place in just six months, record time compared to a standard 12 month timeline. More impressive still is that the charity need only suspend or temporarily move its operations for two-weeks. During this incredibly short time, activity is happening around the clock to complete the project. A truly heroic effort.

Our very own Melissa Keyzers played a vital role in planning, attending meetings and securing donations for this cause. She may not wear a cape but she is a superhero! Thank you for offering up your time and dedication to such an incredible charity. We are proud of all members of our team who played a role in making this space a reality for Centro Hispano. You all have made a remarkable contribution to the community!


Centro Hispano Before

“When you see 5,000 clients a year, our space and our building are almost as meaningful as our programs,” she says. “A redesign of our space will have tremendous benefits on the effectiveness of our programs and the capacity of our staff. Having a space that is warm and reflective of the quality of our programs will go a long way for our community, as well as our supporters. I’m overjoyed. I hope my words reflect that because it’s absolutely incredible. It’s such a gift.”


– Karen Menendez Coller, Executive Director of Centro Hispano.

Centro Hispano After

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