Unleash Your Alter Ego

CREATIVAS did it again! Our team and fabulous galaxy mermaid took home “Best in Show – Runner Up”! It’s a win-win as proceeds were donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

In collaboration with Knoll Textiles, shout out to our Knoll Rep Susie Cottick, our CREATIVAS used Knoll upholstery, vinyl upholstery, vinyl wall covering, and drapery material for this runway ensemble. Packing straps and shrink wrap were fashioned into the fantastic high fashion galaxy helmet!





Our ladies did not disappoint, they brought their A-game and we’re so happy that the judges recognized their hard work and talent. Go team!

STRUT 2017 – “Alter Ego” – Project Concept Statement

“Being made of stardust, you are much like a star – you don’t need outside energy – you ARE energy”. A fierce, intergalactic rebel sparkles and shines in the cold cosmos, but her secret self shimmers in the light of the earthbound oceans – her deep blue dreamscape of peaceful strength. Upholstery textiles, draperies and packing materials come together to meld the hard exterior with the soft, flowing inner self – a super nova that is a Galaxy Mermaid…