Arandell Corporation – Staff Breakroom

To promote community within the workplace, catalog manufacturer Arandell needed an updated staff breakroom that could accommodate a variety of staff.

Creative provided design and construction services to merge two adjacent breakrooms into one inclusive space for Arandell office staff and printing teams. A contemporary space plan that incorporated ample seating, generous lighting, and clear a traffic flow was brought to life through our comprehensive construction services. After demolishing interior walls to create one room, surfaces were refinished with Arandell brand colors, and kitchen cabinetry and appliances were installed. Highly durable finishes and furnishings were selected to withstand heavy use and cleaning.

What began as a small design build project for the staff breakroom quickly turned into a multiple phase renovation for the entire facility. Creative continued to provide design, construction, and furnishing services over several years to completely re-imagine Arandell’s building.