Guaranty Bank Glendale, WI

The primary goal for this project was to consolidate the operational offices for both the business and retail banking divisions onto one location. Secondary goals included: conveying the corporate philosophy, creating a contemporary energetic space to facilitate collaboration between departments, and giving each employee access to natural light and views.

To convey the client’s philosophy of consideration to hardworking families, a series of rectilinear forms were massed along a corridor adjacent to the waiting area to display award, customer testimonials and marketing materials. To foster collaboration between departments, a large café was created. It accommodates all diners during staggered lunch times and allows for furniture reconfiguration for larger dining groups.To allow natural light to flood the office space and give each employee access to light and views, all private offices were moved into the center of the area and each internal private office was given a generous sidelight. The overall scope of the project encompassed more than 200 workstations, several private offices, two executive offices, four conference rooms, several training rooms and a café.

Creative has received overwhelmingly positive responses from the client and employees. The new image will aid in hiring and retaining talent, and groups that rarely socialized are now having lunch together in the Guaranty café. The client’s philosophy of the democratization of their interior environment was carefully realized in this design solution.