Our Furry Friends of Creative Came for a Visit!

Toothy smiles all around, Creative’s “Bring You Dog to Work Day” was a success yet again. Nothing better than a fluffy pup to warm your heart and your day. But…did you know there are proven benefits to dog’s in the workplace?

Stress Reducers
Dogs are EXPERT stress reducers. The stresses of your day will quickly melt away after looking into a pair of cute puppy dog eyes…and maybe a good belly rub for good measure.

Mood & Productivity Booster All-in-One
It’s a widely known fact that a quick breather, remember those belly rubs we mentioned, allows your mind to recharge. You can return to your tasks feeling refreshed and engaged.

There is no better bond than the one between man (…or woman) and dog
Shared interests bring people together, naturally everyone wants to see the furry friend and in turn we end up spending time with each other. What a simple and effective bonding tool.


If you’re thinking of inviting some four-legged friends to your office here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to get the OK from your boss
  • Make sure no one is allergic
  • Have water and some tasty treats ready (We gave our friends Dogsters ice cream style treats)
  • Leash your dogs so no one wanders too far, and so they can do their own business outdoors


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